Aims of our society

Our aims are to support volcanic research and to provide a connection between volcanologists and public. In Germany and in big parts of Europe, volcanism and volcanology are barely noticed, despite the fact that there are slumbering volcanoes in many regions. Furthermore, big volcanic eruptions can cause global effects and tourists on vacation could face a sudden volcanic eruption. Thus, we intend to raise awareness of the fascinating phenomenon of volcanism, to educate people and to provide a lobby for volcanology.

To achieve our aims, we are working on several different projects:

  • Set up of a communication network based on social media
  • Documentation of volcanic eruptions and collecting samples of lava
  • Elaboration of educational and information material for educational matters
  • A mobile webcam being installed during current eruptions
  • Installation of a seismic monitoring station at the Laacher See volcano in the Eifel region
  • Establishment of a information system and a virtual volcano museum at mount Etna
  • Installation of geopaths in volcanic regions
  • Foundation of a donation fund to support victims of volcanic disasters

    Apart from realizing our aims, it also belongs to the duties of a society to promote communication and meetings among its members. For this purpose, we are organizing several meetings during the year. In order to make more meetings possible, we will establish regional groups.